• 6 Tips on how to start a blog

    6 tips on how to start a blog

    In this article  “6 Tips on how to start a blog” we will show you the necessary steps to take for beginning your own blog! The internet plays a tremendously big part of our everyday lives. A lot of people are connected 24/7, this is the reason why smartphones are so popular. From this big group of people, a large part read articles online, normally from some sort of blog. Perhaps you have always been interested in starting your own blog, but maybe you never knew how you could possibly make this dream come true? We are here to help you out!

    Know your niche

    Knowing your niche is the most important part of the whole process, if you don’t know what to write about you will never amount too much. Think about the subjects that mean a lot to you, the subjects that you can write passionately about. When you write with all your heart, you will get way better results.

    Choose a catchy title

    Once you know what you will write about. you will have to choose a title that will attract a lot of people. When you are brainstorming about the title you always have to pay attention to the difficulty of the name, you don’t want a title that is too long. Also pay attention to the fact that it has to match your niche, when you have a travel blog you can always incorporate words like ‘traveling’ or ‘world’ in the title to make it stand out.

    Pick a good host

    You have to make sure that your website has a low loading speed. If your website is too slow to load, Google will give you a lower ranking in their search engine. Besides that people get annoyed because loading your website takes too long for them. Personally I use Bluehost for my sites.

    BluehostFrontpage - 6 Tips on how to start a blog

    Write weekly or even better, write daily

    People who follow a blog will always want more to read. This is the main reason that you are obliged to fill the blog with fresh new content every week. Every day is even better, this will make sure that people stay interested. Every professional blogger should know that it is the returning readers who you should focus on!

    Quality pictures

    Pictures and even video’s play a huge role in a successful blog. When you have written some quality content, you want to match this with quality pictures. The best thing you can do is buy pictures from sites like Shutterstock, these pictures have great quality and often only cost a dollar or less.

    Love the process

    Blogging is quite a lot of work, this means that you will have to love the process. In the beginning you won’t receive a lot of traffic, it takes some time to get index in Google. But Remember: never be dissatisfied and always remember that it takes a while. Never giving up and working consistently is the secret to a good blog. Follow these steps if you want to make your blog popular on the internet. Blogging is the best way to express your passion and to earn money in the process!

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