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    Affiliate marketing comes with a lot of links. If you have been into this game for some time now you will realize the importance of link tracking in affiliate marketing. It’s important to understand the significance of link tracking and the tools you can utilize to achieve this. In this post I am going to cover the basics of:

    What a Link Tracker is

    Why you need one

    What ClickMagick is

    Components of ClickMagick

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    What is a Link Tracker?

    A link tracker is a tool that helps you track all the links from your website and social media.

    how does a link tracker work - Link Tracking | How does ClickMagick Work?

    Why you need a Link tracker?

    Say you are selling a product on your website and it makes around 100 sales a month. You know you get close to 1000 visitors from Instagram and 1000 visitors from Facebook. But you have no idea whether your Facebook visitors are a majority of those 100 buyers or whether your majority of sales are made via traffic generated from Instagram. That is where a link tracker comes into picture.

    You need a link tracker in order to determine where conversions are coming from. This will help you decide which platform you need to invest more on.

    what is clickmagick - Link Tracking | How does ClickMagick Work?


    ClickMagick is a link tracking tool that helps you track links from your website and social media. It’s a tool to track and optimize all your marketing in one place.

    clickmagic - Link Tracking | How does ClickMagick Work?


    ClickMagick Essentials

    When you sign up for ClickMagick you receive a dashboard which has many features which will help you in understanding your links and conversions better.


    First thing you see in your dashboard is your ‘Stats at a glance’. This shows your number of links which you can also group depending on your needs. I have grouped my links as affiliate links and non-affiliate links.  

    You can select the time period for which you want to see your links. For instance, you can check the link of the past 7 days, 14 days or a month.

    Screenshot 6 - Link Tracking | How does ClickMagick Work?


    • TC means total amount of clicks.
    • UC stands for unique clicks. If you have 10 people click on your link twice you will have 10 UCs and 20 TCs.
    • FC stands for flagged clicks. You can tell ClickMagick which links not to track. For instance, I don’t want to track my own links. Therefore, I can blacklist them from becoming a part of my data. Moreover, you might not want Google bots or other non-human automated tools to show up in your data
    • A stands for actions you have set for your links. I have set an action for my Opt-in page.
    • ACR tells the percentage of the action taking place.
    • E stands for engagement. Whenever someone signs up and gives their email I want to know about their engagement with my, say, webinar. I want to know how active people are with my content upon sign up.  
    • S stands for the sales. This is the conversion rate of your funnel.
    • CPC is the cost per click. If you give ClickMagick the cost per click rate you will be able to know the CPC rate of your links.
    • CPA is the average conversion rate per click.
    • ROI tells you the average return on investment. If you tell ClickMagick that you spend $1 on every click and for every 10 people coming to your website 1 converts, ClickMagick will calculate your ROI for you.


    You can use ClickMagick not only as a link tracking tool but as a link rotator as well. This basically helps when you have different versions of your landing page or your website and want to test which one performs better. You give the rotator one link and it distributes the traffic coming to that one link by dividing it in the number of versions you have for your landing page.

    Setting up a Link

    1. If you want to set up a new link. You go to ‘Create new Link’ option in the dashboard.
    2. Select link group.
    3. Give your link a name (optional).
    4. Select the domain you want the link to be on. If you happen to have multiple domains you will have to select the domain associated with the link.
    5. You can also cloak the link to show a different page title, description and page image. This is useful if you are boosting through some platform like Facebook and the link you are promoting is not yours. You can change the title of the page and the image to suit your needs.
    6. Put pop-ups and magic bars in the link you are adding. You can actually create a pop-up on a page that is not yours.
    7. Track an entire funnel as well.
    8. Send people to different websites if they are mobile users or iOS users.
    9. Add a tracking pixel in your Facebook or Google ad to re-target people.
    10. Set and define your flag clicks. In ‘user’ you can add your own IP address so it doesn’t count your clicks. You can flag ‘abusers’ as well. These are humans who click on your link multiple times (10-50). You can also block any of these. Don’t block the bot or server, just flag them.
    11. You can define a maximum number for your clicks by a user.
    12. Create a Primary URL for your link to go to.
    13. Finally, click on create link.

    Dynamic Linking

    If you are an affiliate for some product you can add your Sub ID to the link in order to track it. For instance I add ‘blog’ to my ClickFunnels link in

    www.go.demianvoorhagen.com/clickfunnels/blog/linktrackingclickmagick (click and see what happens)

    and I will know the link is a Blog link.

    Basically, your primary URL + sub id makes your unique URL with your sub IDs.

     To check how many links are coming from which platform you go to Tools -> Link reports -> Sub IDs.

    When someone purchases ClickFunnels from this link that has my designated Sub IDs I will know where I got my conversion from. This is called as dynamic linking and is very useful in tracking links.


    This was a brief overview of ClickMagick and how you can utilize it as a great link tracking tool for your online business. If you have any queries regarding the tool be sure to leave me a comment.

    ClickMagick also offers a free 14 day trial, you can click here to try it out yourself.

    If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, I recommend to start here.

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