• What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    How to Skyrocket your Sales with Solo Ads in 2019

    If you want to skyrocket your sales in 2019, going for Facebook ads and Google ads is not the only way. You can benefit from Solo Ads as well. While many people know what Solo Ads are, they don’t really know where they come from and how it’s all done. This post is going to brief you about:

    What are Solo Ads?

    How do you use Solo Ads?

    And some tips and tricks on how to run Solo Ads to your maximum benefit

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    What are Solo Ads?

    Solo ads are another way of advertising something you want to sell or show to a specific group of people. Instead of doing Facebook ads, Google Adwords or any kind of social media you can use solo ads to generate traffic. In Solo Ads, you basically pay someone to send out your offer to their mailing list.

    For instance, you are starting out in the fitness industry and have this supplement, that you want to sell to people who are interested in staying fit. To run solo ads for this product you will search for a solo ad vendor who has a great mailing list in the supplement industry. You will then provide them with an email that has your offer which the vendor will forward to his or her mailing list.

    If you are looking for solo ad vendors I recommend you check www.SoloAds.ai.

    How do you pay for solo ads?

    There are two most common ways to pay for solo ads.

    1. Pay Per Click

    This is the most common way you pay for solo ads. You agree to a certain price with the vendor. The price is usually in the range of 30¢ to 90¢ per click. You then get charged for every person who opens your email.

    2. Fixed Fee

    In this case, you and the solo ad vendor agree on a fixed price. For instance, if the vendor has a list of, say 10,000 people in their mailing list, you will agree to pay, say $300 for an email that goes out to that list.

    Average Price

    The average price depends on the market, the vendor you are buying from and how responsive the traffic is. The usual trend is something between 30¢ to 90¢ per click.

    Origin of Solo Ads - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    Origin of Solo Ads

    Solo ads started at the beginning of this century when people started asking other people to send out their offers to each other’s mailing lists. Today this practice has developed into an actual industry that is called ‘the solo ads industry’. People and companies have developed mailing lists that are specific to an industry. For instance, they have lists of people who are interested in supplements, making money online, health and wellness, food, fashion, travel, etc.

    The goal of Solo Ads

    Contrary to what a lot of people think, the purpose of solo ads should always be to build a list. Many people think they will be able to breakeven with a 100$ product as soon as their clicks are delivered. This is the most common misconception about solo ads.

    The goal of solo ads should always be list building. If you could make money right off a mailing list just by sending one email, there was no point of solo ad vendors. They would have profited through their own lists.

    The only people who are actually making real money off solo ads are people who are using them to build lists. The reason why, is simple and straightforward. If you are interested in making money online and you receive my offer email with an e-book for $50 on affiliate marketing, how likely are you to buy it?

    People don’t buy from an email that just pops up in their inbox. On the other hand, if I use that first email to connect with you and build an email list of my own, I am more likely to build trust with you. That is exactly what people are using solo ads for.

    Building a list doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to sell anything in your email offer. You can send the mailing list a low ticket offer of something around $10 after your opt-in page. This is to break-even with the clicks you have bought.

    Never focus on making a profit purely on the basis of clicks. That should not be your long term vision.

    Is my offer a fit?

    I am a solo ad vendor myself and often people ask me whether their offer is a good fit for my list. They are also concerned about people having seen the same promotion before.

    The point is people are more likely to go for an offer that they have repeatedly seen as opposed to buying an offer they are seeing for the first time. It doesn’t matter if they have seen the offer before, in fact, it’s something that goes in your favor.

    What you should actually worry about is finding the right vendor for your niche. If you are from the ‘travel’ industry you have no chances of success with a ‘make money online’ solo ad vendor.  

    Important Metrics - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    Important Metrics

    Some important metrics in the solo ads market are:

    CPC (Cost Per Click)

    This is the cost you pay per click you get from the mailing list of the solo ad vendor. If you are paying a solo ad vendor 40$ for 100 clicks then your CPC is going to be 0.4 as you are paying 40¢ per click.  

    CPA (Cost Per Action)

    CPA rate is the percentage of people that opted-in to your offer. Say, you pay 40$ for 100 clicks and 50% of the people opt-in to your landing page then your CPA rate would be 0.8. This means you are paying 80¢ per person who opts in.

    Prices fluctuate in the market as you might have to pay a higher price for high-quality leads. In such a case, your opt-in rate will be higher, and so will be the price of the ads.

    Open Rate

    You might have 50 people clicking out of the 100 you sent the email to, but it’s possible that none of them open your email. If the solo ads you are paying for are not giving you a good open rate then you should know the quality of the mailing list is not that good.

    T1 (Tier 1)

    People usually refer to solo ads traffic as x% Tier 1 traffic. Tier 1 basically refers to the amount of traffic coming from people in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

    People from these countries tend to convert better as they have a strong currency and are financially capable of buying more.

    Having an 80% T1 traffic is usually not considered high enough. But that is not true. If you are selling the rest of your 20% to any other country which is wealthy but not in T1 category you are doing good. For this reason, I personally don’t give this factor too much value.

    Landing Page Best Practices - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    Landing Page Best Practices

    Many of my clients ask me about their landing pages. Whether they are good enough to attract the right audience or not. I usually give an opt-in page consult to people who are buying solo ads from me. Some of the landing page best practices you need to keep in mind are:

    Keep it simple

    Your landing page does not have to be overly complicated. A couple of lines of text, a basic explanation of the product with around 50 to 100 words at the most should do.

    Short and Compelling

    Give people a reason to opt-in to your landing page. This should be short and compelling.

    No Fancy Stuff

    Your page should be very easy to look at. It should be relaxing for the user to go through. Don’t go too fancy with the design, especially the background. I have had numerous clients who I have consulted and told them to remove busy backgrounds from their landing pages. The results are clear as soon as the page is simplified, conversions start pouring in drastically.

    Email and First Name

     You have to ask for people’s email on your landing page. Moreover, you can ask for their first name but I would not recommend you to go further than that. The most converting pages are the ones that just ask for an email. The second best ones are the ones that ask for the name and the email. The more the form fields are, the lower the conversion rate is going to be.

    Exit Pop-up

    I have seen a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 50% increase in the conversion rate by introducing an exit pop-up on my landing pages. Exit pop-ups usually appear when people are going away from your page i.e when they are going to click close.

    I recommend you to use a different style and wording in your popup. If someone did not feel inclined towards giving their email on the landing page, they might change their mind on a popup that is giving the same message but in a different tone.

    exit pop up - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    A/B Testing

    Always test your landing page. Test it with a background, without a background, with various colours, simple version, longer version, change wordings, etc.

    How to avoid getting scammed - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    How to avoid getting scammed?

    With solo ads, it’s pretty easy to get scammed. People might send you traffic but it could be of very low quality. If someone is bombarded with 200 emails in a day they are not likely to open yours. Secondly,  solo ad vendors send bot traffic your way. This means the traffic is not from actual people, but from some software or robots. Bots usually opt-in with emails that don’t exist.

    How do you avoid getting scammed with solo ads:

    Click Tracker

    A click tracker, like ClickMagick, will allow you to filter all the fake traffic to your offer. There are a lot of bots that apparently seem like a real person but are just bots going through your link. This bot traffic is of no good use to you.

    If you send your solo ad vendor a ClickMagick link they will know that you can now see if they are going to send bot traffic or genuine traffic to your link. This will decrease the chances of your link getting unwanted and useless traffic. The vendor will now try to give you genuine people and you won’t be scammed.

    clickmagic - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    Sending them a raw link will make you look new and naive. The vendor will know you are new and unaware of what goes around and so they will try to scam you. On the other hand, if you send them a tracking link they’ll know you have an idea of what goes around.

    With a click tracker, you know the CPC, CPA, and traffic sources. You need to know that you won’t be getting a 100% real human traffic even if the vendor is doing everything in his control to keep the traffic real. There are some very sophisticated bots that can’t be filtered.

    Red Flags

    When something seems too good to be true, it generally is. If some solo ad vendor is trying to sell you a CPC of 10¢ then it is a red flag to you. Anything below 30¢ is suspicious.

    Another red flag is guaranteed sales. There is no way to do that because I have seen people with only 100 clicks make sales and then people with 500 clicks that make no sales at all.

    A very high opt-in rate is also a potential red flag. You should carefully monitor the traffic that the solo ad vendor sends you.

    Start Small

    If you are trying out a new vendor don’t go crazy and start with 1000’s of clicks right off the bat. Start small, go with a few hundred clicks and see what the results are. 


    Ask for testimonials from the clients you have served. Some people like to disclose that they are using solo ads and some don’t. You can always ask them to leave you a testimonial, so that your future clients know what to expect from your service.  I have actually made a Facebook group of my own called Solo Ad Testimonial Demian Voorhagen. There I ask my clients who have bought clicks from me to make a post about their experience with my service.

    Facebook group for solo ads - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    I generally ask them to post the following things:

    • Seller Name (which is obviously me in this case)
    • Type (mixed means they come from emails and other sources as well)
    • Clicks Ordered (clicks they pay for)
    • Clicks Received (clicks they got from me)
    • Opt-in Rate (the traffic that opted in for their email list)
    • Tier 1 (the traffic coming from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK)
    • Comments


    I recently started on Udimi as a Solo Ad vendor. It is a nice way of gathering testimonials as well. All the reviews on Udimi are verified. This means all the people who are rating me are genuine people who have used my services of solo ads for their offers.

    Another reason why you would want to use Udimi for solo ads is that they filter a lot of the bot traffic for you. This means if you have bought 100 clicks and 20 of them turn out to be bot traffic, you get a total of 120 clicks.

    udimi solo ads vendor profile - What are Solo Ads and how to use them to make sales in 2019

    That was a brief overview of the Solo ads business. You basically have to make sure you send people to a landing page where they opt-in to your mailing list. Get a link tracker to watch out for red flags and bot traffic and you are good to go.

    These are the ways I recommend you to use and see success with solo ads to skyrocket your sales in 2019. If you have any questions or need help with anything related to solo ads, feel free to send me a message or comment below and I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can.

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