• What Is A/B Testing & How To Do It


    AB testing basically means that you set up two different variances to test which of the versions is working better towards the goal you want to achieve. For example: If you have a sales page and say that your goal is to get more sales, you would make two different sales pages to test which one is making you more sales. In this blog I will briefly go through the most important topics of A/B testing.

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    What are the things you can test with A/B testing?

    A few examples of the things you can test with A/B testing:

    • Landing Page
    • Sales Page
    • Open Rate
    • Click Rate
    • Time on Page
    • Cost per Click
    • Return on Investment

    The concept of A/B testing remains the same in all of the examples; which of the two pages works better towards my goal. So which page is most successful for my business?

    WhatShouldYouTestWithABTesting - What Is A/B Testing & How To Do It

    What should you test with A/B testing?

    There are different kind of levels in conversions. That is what we call; the hierarchy of conversions.

    Level 1: Functional

    This means if someone is going through your page, that you get for example an error or the page is not loading, the page just doesn’t work well. Obviously, you want your page to work 24/7 so it doesn’t really make sense to test this one.

    Level 2: Accessible

    This contains how accessible your page is. For example: you have a website that is only optimized for desktop view, that is not accessible enough because a lot of traffic comes through mobile phones. So, you want to make the pages accessible for every form of traffic there is (mobile, tablets, desktop etc.).

    Level 3: Usable

    How usable is your page actually? Can people easily scroll through it? Does everything ad up? Do all the functions work? You can test all these things differently on two pages.

    Level 4: Intuitive

    Here you have to look at if everything makes sense. So, for example: you want to buy something on a web shop, do you first get an information page, then get a sales page, and then the order form? It all has to make sense for the user.

    Level 5: Persuasive

    This means that you want to convince people to buy your product, to opt-in to your email page or to click on a link. So, you want that people trust you and your page enough to buy something or click on something. This is the most common thing where A/B testing is used for. You can test for example different kind of structures or colors on a page.

    You want to make sure that level 1 to 4 of every website are good, that they work and that they make sense. If this is the case, you can work on level 5 and start testing the different things to optimize your page.

    ABTestingAtLevel5 - What Is A/B Testing & How To Do It
    What can you test at level 5 with A/B testing?

    If you have a sales page, you could test the cold action that you have with for example: “Buy now”, “Order now” or “Get it here”. You can also test the colors. This could be the colors of the website but also colors of specific buttons. The reason why people want to test the colors of a website or page is because there are a lot of statements about what different colors do to a persons mindset. There are for examples articles online that say that a green color on your website should give people trust. My advice is to only pay attention to the color if it makes sense. So, don’t make your whole page green because it may give people more trust in you. Just make a few important buttons green for example. Another thing you can test are the opt-in fields, depending on what information you want, this is more specifically for emails. You can test different fields with this, like a name field or a phone number field. You can also test the text on a website. This means for example testing a different headline on pages. At last, you can also test the structure of different pages, like switching paragraphs around.

    SomeOfTheBestPracticesWithABTesting - What Is A/B Testing & How To Do It

    Some of the best practices in A/B testing

    Determine a goal

    First, you want to determine your goal. Make sure you have a very specific goal in mind before you start testing something.

    One Change

    Then you have to make sure you only make one single change when you are testing the pages. So, for example: you are A/B testing a sales pages and want to check which page gives you more sales. You have a couple of ideas that can have an effect on the sales, but you have to test just one thing at the time. So, you can start for example with testing two different order buttons, but make sure that the order buttons are the only thing that is different between the two pages!

    Group and environment

    Also make sure you have the same group and the same environment. For example: if you are testing two different pages, you have to make sure that the same group is divided on both pages. Because if you are A/B testing a different headline and you send only women to page one and only men to the other page, you can’t say that the differences between the pages is because of the headlines because it can be because of the difference between what men and what women like. You can test different groups as well, but then you have to have the same page at each group.


    Make sure that the timing is right. So, if you’re selling for example ice-cream, it is better to test your pages in the summer and not during winter. Also don’t test one page during winter and one page during summer, because it can affect your results.


    You want to make sure that you have enough conversions because you can’t get very reliable results about the differences between the pages if you only have ten sales. The thumb rule about the amount of conversions is that you want to have 200 conversions at least on both pages to get reliable results from your A/B test.


    Clickfunnels will show you how confident it is that one of the two pages will be better performing. They will give you a confident score on a page, so you can already see which page is probably going to give you more sales. If you want to A/B test with email campaigns, I highly recommend getting ActiveCampaign.

    Hopefully this blog helps you to think about what you want to A/B test and how you are going to do it. If you have any further questions just comment below or contact me on social media!

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