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    Are you looking into ways of earning a passive income in 2019? Affiliate marketing is not only something that can work as a source of passive income but there is a decent number of people out there who actually earn full-time doing affiliates.

    You can do it too. It’s just about the knowledge, technique, and effort you put into it.

    In this post we will go through affiliate marketing in detail: discussing how it works, types of affiliate incomes, what is link tracking and how do you get paid.

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    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing basically refers to the practice of recommending services or products of other companies and getting paid a certain commission on every sale made by you. Affiliate marketing is always for someone else’s products, you don’t do affiliates for your own products.

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    How does it work?

    Affiliate marketing works in various ways. Two of the most common and most fruitful models it works on are:

    #1 Deep Linking

    You go to Google and type ‘products while traveling’ because you are planning to take a trip and want to know what good and useful stuff to carry with you. Click on any post and you’ll see various awesome products enlisted there. All of these products come with a link. When you click on the link it opens the product page. Most of these links are affiliate links and the products they link to are called affiliate products. 

    So, basically, you link to an affiliate product through content on your website and for anyone who buys the product through that link, you get a commission.

    Sandless beach bag - Affiliate Marketing | How to Start Generating Affiliate Sales in 2019

    If we open the ‘C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat’ link on this website, you see the product is listed on Amazon. Amazon has its own affiliate program. If you buy this mat, the author of the post gets paid.

    Sand mat - Affiliate Marketing | How to Start Generating Affiliate Sales in 2019

    This is just one of the many and most popular ways to promote affiliate products.

    #2 Advertisement

    An advertisement is basically done through various banners that you place on different places on your website. For anyone who clicks through those banners or advertisement and decides to purchase the product, you get a commission for each product sold.

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    Types of Affiliate Incomes

    There are two basic types of Affiliate Incomes:

    #1 Income through Products – Active income

    Every affiliate product comes with a certain percentage of commission. This is the amount you get paid for every item of that product sold.

    For instance, if the mat we referred to is sold at $40 and the commission percentage is 10%, your reward is $4 for every mat sold. Now if you want to make $1000 off this product every month you need at least 250 mats sold every month.

    Affiliate Programs with Active Incomes

    Affiliate programs you can use to promote products are:

    • Amazon Affiliate Program – You can put the Amazon Affiliate link in your website, on social media or any other platform. The only requirement is someone using your link to purchase.
    • ClickBank – Another affiliate network that allows you to insert links of products to gain affiliate sales.
    • JVZoo – A ton of products to choose from to put as affiliate products on your website.

    So, if you want to consistently make affiliate income through products you need to keep generating traffic to your link.

    Pro tip: Never ever recommend crappy products because people might buy once from your link but the moment they realise the product wasn’t so good they’ll lose their trust in you and never buy a product you recommend again. On the contrary, if you keep recommending amazing products people will build a liking for you and develop trust and this will make them come again and again to you to get product recommendations.

    #2 Income through Services – Recurring Income

    This is more of a recurring or passive income. There are quite a few companies that are selling a particular service and if you bring them a certain number of customers they give you affiliate income on monthly basis. This means that as long as the customer is paying for their service, you keep getting the commission.

    For instance, someone purchases a $100 service from XYZ company and you get a $10 commission for that, you will keep getting the $10 commission as long as the customer is using the service and paying for it.

    Affiliate Programs with Recurring Incomes

    Affiliate networks you can use to promote such services are:

    • ClickFunnels – A software to make your own sales page or sales funnel. You can have a service or product you want a landing page for or to see how people respond to different versions of the same funnel. You can achieve all this via ClickFunnels. The best thing about them is that they pay a 40% commission in monthly revenue.
    • AWeber – AWeber is an emailing platform. If you have a webshop, people visit it and are interested in the product/service you are offering but don’t want to purchase as yet, you will lose them the moment they leave your website. But if you capture their emails, via a signup/subscribe form and email them from time to time about new offers, amazing content or discounts they might eventually end up buying from your webshop. AWeber lets you do that. It also has an affiliate program too and when you recommend it to someone who ends up buying it you will get a commission for that as long as they use the AWeber service.
    • ActiveCampaign – ActiveCampaign is another emailing platform that works like AWeber and also has an affiliate program that pays recurrently.
    • ClickMagick – ClickMagick is one of the best tracking tools on the market. If you start to grow your online business you will want to know where your clicks are coming from – ClickMagick will help you do exactly that. As you might notice, all my links (also in this blog) are tracked with ClickMagick

    Pro tip: Recommend stuff you yourself use or know for sure that it is amazing. This helps you make sure your offered product/service is not shitty and that people will actually find it useful. Only recommend products that are good and this shall backfire in the long run as people will like to come back to you for more.

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    How does tracking work?

    Some of you, who are totally new to affiliate marketing, might be wondering how do they track our links and sales.

    Let’s do it through an example.

    If you visit my post on 6 Tips on How to Start a Blog you will see I have linked to a hosting service for websites.

    I personally use BlueHost as my hosting service provider to host my website. It has some very affordable plans that come with great website quality. Although there are even cheaper hosting plans out there too, you do need quality as well. So, it’s always good to consider the quality factor when going for cheap products.

    When you click on the link I have provided with BlueHost, you will see another window opening.

    Now, if you study the link it goes something like this:


    If you look at the highlighted text it is saying that the source of the link is my website, the medium of the link is an affiliate and the campaign I’m using is affiliate-link.

    That’s a way for BlueHost to track my conversions. When you visit the website with the link and move around to see the packages or other stuff the link changes but they still know you have come through my reference as the first link was mine.

    Cookie Injection

    In case you don’t purchase through my link and close the window, will my reference be lost? No, because BlueHost has injected a cookie in my browser that is essentially only a piece of code that tells BlueHost that this customer has been here before through Demian’s referral link and if they buy now the sale goes to Demian. How cool is that?

    This is cookie tracking and every affiliate program has a cookie length from days to up-to months. For instance, if the cookie length is 60 days, the code will stay in the browser for 60 days.

    ClickFunnels has really advanced tracking and they can even track you if you make a purchase via a mobile device while you previously  opened the link via desktop or laptop.

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    How do you get paid?

    There are 4 different methods you get paid by.


    Most of the examples in this post are pay-per-sale which means they pay you once the sale is successful.


    Another model is pay-per-view. This means you are rewarded a certain percentage when someone views the advertisement on your website.


    According to the pay-per-click model, when someone clicks on an ad on your website the advertiser will pay you for every click.


    In this model, the advertisers pay you for every email that you generate via your campaign.

    6 - Affiliate Marketing | How to Start Generating Affiliate Sales in 2019

    Affiliate Marketing FAQs

    Q. How long does it take to make money?

    Depends on the kind of website or hosting you have and on whether you own a website or are doing Facebook ads or just organic. It also depends on your efforts, how keen are you on generating meaningful traffic to your link, are you targeting the right audience or not. There is no fixed answer to this question but these are a few deciding factors.

    Q. Do you need a website?

    You don’t necessarily need a website to start with affiliate marketing. With ClickFunnels you get a website when you register so you don’t need one of your own. You can create a Facebook page and post your Amazon affiliate links there. Personally, I would recommend you get a website because it helps you rank well in Google in the long run. A websites also plays a great role when scaling up. Ranking on Google takes time to build up but is fruitful when you do.

    This was a basic breakdown of all the components of Affiliate Marketing that you need to know to get started. Keeping these basics in mind can help you get a long way in Affiliate Marketing.

    All of the affiliate networks and programs mentioned in this post are something I personally use and promote. If you have any questions, be sure to shoot a message in the comments section.

    If you want to get started with affiliate marketing and get a complete blueprint, I recommend you to start here.

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